Don’t get up immediately!

Don’t get up immediately!

Most men shave every day to keep their face clean and radiant, but time is often a lot of people rushing.

  Health experts from the famous British cosmetics brand Dove recently reminded everyone not to be busy shaving in the morning, it is best to wait for it to be cleaned.

  Do Dove’s health experts say that it makes sense?

The reporter interviewed Professor Li Bojian from the Department of Dermatology, Guang’anmen Hospital, China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Professor Li explained that it is really not urgent to shave in the morning, otherwise, it may not be a new beard in the afternoon.

It is best to get up after 20 minutes to shave in order to keep your face clean for a day.

  This is mainly due to the fact that when I got out of bed, after a night of rest, the reproductive function was strong and the beard grew fast.

After 20 minutes to half an hour of consumption, the male hormones in the male body are not so strong, the growth rate of the beard is reduced, and then scraping, it will not grow soon.

  Professor Li also reminded everyone that before shaving, the face should be washed with a neutral soap.

If the skin, the beard is left with dirt and dust, once the razor is irritating to the skin, or slightly hurt the skin, the dirt will cause skin infection.

After washing your face, apply a hot towel to the beard or apply a soft beard cream to soften the beard.

  After a while, apply shaving cream or soap to help the knife cut the beard and relieve the skin irritation.

When shaving, tighten the skin to reduce the distortion of the razor running on the skin and avoid breaking the skin.

Especially for elderly or thin people, the skin is prone to wrinkles, and the skin should be tightened to maintain elasticity and certain support.

  The order of shaving is: from left to right, from top to bottom, first smooth the pores, then shave against the pores.

After shaving, wipe the foam with a hot towel or wash it with warm water. Check that there are no beards.

  In addition, Professor Li reminded that it is necessary to avoid shaving before and after exercise, because the body will sweat a lot, irritating the skin that has just scratched the beard and causing a burning sensation.