South China Securities Bank ETF net purchases of 1 in the past week.

2.6 billion shares nearly double

South China Securities Bank ETF net purchases of 1 in the past week.

2.6 billion shares nearly 北京男士会所 double

The Southern Fund Bank ETF has doubled in the past week due to its high transparency and scale advantage, and it has once again become a part of the “slump and buy” smart fund. The ETF products of the industry in which the Southern Fund has obtained last weekOutstanding net purchase.

Among them, Southern China Securities Bank ETF (code: 512700, abbreviated: bank fund) net purchase share in the past week.

2.6 billion shares, the share surged nearly 94%, ranking first in the entire market industry ETF, the total share nearly doubled; Southern China Securities Index refers to the securities ETF (code: 512900, abbreviated: securities fund) last week’s net purchase share.

7.2 billion copies, an increase of 9%.


  During the period from August 5 to August 9, the net inflows of bank funds and securities funds in the 杭州桑拿网 past week each exceeded US $ 100 million, whichever is the latest week.

12 yuan, 0.

Calculate the average net price of 87 yuan, enter 1 respectively.

4.1 billion, 1.

50ppm, which was transferred before the net inflow of the industry ETF.

In the case of the two ETFs, the intra-market trading volume has also significantly increased.

Last week, the average daily turnover of bank funds exceeded 4522 million, and the turnover on August 7 was 1.

The daily turnover of US $ 1.1 billion reached a record high of nearly two years; the average daily turnover of securities funds exceeded 41.57 million, of which the daily turnover of August 5 reached a record high of nearly one year.

  It is reported that the CSI Bank Index tracked by bank funds has the characteristics of “high dividends and low retracements” and is a stable choice for long-term allocation.

The CSI All-Share Securities Index tracked by securities funds has now included 41 statistical segments, which can reflect the trend of the securities industry as a whole.

Institutional sources point out that the industry ETF includes high-quality stocks in the industry, and it is easy to get out of the independent market. The ETF is less risky than individual stocks, and the secondary market has convenient trading and multiple advantages.

Investors can flexibly grasp market conditions through bank funds, securities funds and their linked funds.

  At present, China Southern Fund’s index fund products are quite rich, covering market value, industry, factor, cross-border and other types.

The Southern State-owned Index Investment Team focuses on refined management. Its ETF products have the advantages of accurate tracking, good liquidity, and complete product lines. Southern Fund is also the fund company with the largest number of ETFs in the market.

In order to meet the investment needs of institutional and individual investors, Southern Fund has equipped most of the ETFs with off-market linked funds and set up A and C distributions to facilitate the choice of different types of investors.