Whenever night falls,Maybe you are still asleep,Kobe,May have come to the basketball court。

If getting up early can save him time,Then Kobe’s training time is much longer than other players every day3hour!
A week21hour!January90hour!One year1000hour!
This is the reason for Kobe’s success。
————Los Angeles Times
《Alliance rookie night》
Some players,Sleep at night。
Some players,Rejoice in the night。
Some players,Multiplayer sports at night。
Kobe,The reason why you can grow so quickly from a rookie,Must be his efforts。
From entering the league to now,We have never heard of his scandal。No clubbing,No vulgar behavior,Didn’t even have a girlfriend。
Or basketball is his girlfriend!
This is the secret of Kobe’s success,When you spend your time elsewhere,Even Michael likes to play cards and golf,And Kobe’s world only has basketball。
I would call it——Ball idiot。