Baseball secrets make you beautiful and longevity

Baseball secrets make you beautiful and longevity


Eat breakfast every day and sleep on time at night. Foreign related experiments prove that insufficient nutrition replaced by breakfast is difficult to be supplemented in other meals. The absence of breakfast or poor quality of breakfast is the main reason for the lack of energy and nutrients throughout the day.One.

  Sleeping on time at night cannot be supplemented, and it is also very effective for women’s beauty.


Vitamin C and E Vitamin C are important antioxidants that can delay aging, prevent melanin formation, and whiten skin; Vitamin E participates in the metabolism of the body and has anti-free radical peroxidation to enhance skin capillary resistance.

Vitamin C and E work together to improve the body’s immunity and improve the absorption of calcium and iron.


Supplementing cellulose Cellulose can increase blood supply and purify the blood and purify the stomach.

Improve whole body immunity and relieve aging.

The best effect can make a woman full of energy and rich blood.


Calcium supplementation is to strengthen bones, slow down osteoporosis caused by aging, relieve women’s premenstrual discomfort, and prevent hypertension and bowel cancer.

Especially for women during pregnancy, calcium supplementation is a top priority.


Iron supplemented women are prone to anemia, and most of the anemia is caused by iron deficiency.

Iron deficiency can lead to loss of appetite, shortness of breath, dizziness, notice and endurance in women.

So iron supplementation is very important for women.


Women who exercise hard and stick to a little exercise after meals have a great effect in delaying aging.

After meals, you can walk backwards for 15 minutes. During this process, spread your hands flat and slowly massage your abdomen.

This time gradually gradually, can also have a little belly effect.


Recording your physiological period The physiological period is the most important periodic table for women. Recording the physiological period allows women to understand the secrets of their bodies and pay attention to changes in their bodies.


Regulate a good mood A good mood is definitely very targeted to health. Beautiful women must develop their own unique hobbies, such as flower cultivation, painting, and yoga.

Choose a lifestyle that helps shape your mood.