Hot food mango coconut milk black glutinous rice beauty and nourish_1

Hot food mango coconut milk black glutinous rice beauty and nourish

In all kinds of syrup, the flavored fruit is often poured into the syrup, making the delicious syrup more colorful, which can be healthy and beneficial.

It is not difficult to find that a large number of fruits and vegetables have high nutritional value, and combine with other medicinal materials such as north and south apricots, chuanbei, snow fungus, figs, etc. to give nourishing effects.

  Hot mango coconut milk black glutinous rice mango, sweet and sour, cool, containing vitamin c, mango keto acid, etc., good for stomach, thirst, pain and dizziness, diuretic and other curative effects, with uniform size, fullness, yellow and white color; mango kernelDry can detoxify, reduce stagnation and relieve cough.

  Hot food especially warms the stomach, nourishes qi and blood, and the sweet and delicious mango is sandwiched with rich coconut scent, which can be eaten together with black glutinous rice that can keep blood and warm the stomach.

As the mango meat is relatively humid and poisonous, you can use the mango kernels to boil the water when you cook this sweetened water, and then add the black glutinous rice after you pick it up. After cooking, put the mango meat, and finally add coconut juice, which is more healthy and beneficial.
  Green apple stew with aloe Aloe vera has a beauty effect. When mixed with green apple stew, it is moisturizing and sweet, but also has the benefits of nourishing the qi and strengthening the stomach, nourishing the skin and nourishing the liver, and clearing the liver heat.Run the lungs.

Due to the slightly bitter taste of aloe vera juice, friends who are afraid of bitterness should put less (2-3 grams).

  Green apple containing carbohydrates, malic acid, citric acid, carotene, vitamins b, c.

Malic acid stabilizes blood sugar, and vitamin C prevents myocarditis.

Green apples have the effect of replenishing heart and qi, replenishing and quenching thirst, strengthening stomach and preventing diarrhea.

In addition, apples have the effect of weight loss. Obese people eat more apples appropriately, which can reduce the intake of other foods and achieve weight loss effects.

  Fig. North and South Apricot Stewed Apple Figs have a sweet and sweet taste. Adding the sweetness of apples, the sweetness is both natural and mild.

Figs have the effect of clearing the stomach and intestines, and also moisturize the throat and lungs. Drinking a bowl when hot can relieve laxative and heat.

  Chuanbei Xueer stewed papaya papaya, sweet and flat, the fruit contains papaya, papain, rennet, carotene, etc., used to treat vomiting and abdominal pain, rheumatoid arthralgia, waist and knee aches, etc., when buying with qualityIt is better to have a fragrance.

  The sweet and smooth papaya has a pleasant taste, and the fungus is also very refreshing. With the Chuanbei (3 grams of medicine) with phlegm relieving cough, moisturizing and dispersing the lungs, the freshness and taste are amazing.

  Fresh milk stewed with papaya and pears First, boil the fresh milk with sugar and heat, then add the seeded and peeled papaya and pears and cook for 30 minutes. Fresh milk + papaya = double whitening effect, accompanied by a hearty Sydney, reallyFrom outside to inside.

  Fresh papaya stewed white and north apricot stewed with fresh papaya, stewed with north and south apricots and white fungus, papaya can help digestion, sterilization and antipyretics, north and south apricots cough and lungs, snow fungus can nourish yin and lungs, nourish the stomach and nourish the body.

This syrup tastes sweet and tastes the same whether it’s cold or hot.

The amount of north and south apricots should not be too much, take 10?
About 15g, snow fungus is thick, full and unbroken, yellowish white and shiny.

  Sydney, sweet and cold, contains malic acid, citric acid, vitamins b1, b2, c, carotene, etc., has the effect of refreshing and moistening, clearing heat and reducing phlegm.

  Snow Clam Soymilk Soup Pills tonic kidney and essence, Snow Clam Cream with lungs and nourishing yin, and Sesame Soup Pills cooked with soy milk. It contains pear grains, fragrant and smokey. It is weak after illness, postpartum, or caused by work.People have wonders.

  Sea Coconut Braised Sydney Sea Coconut Coconut has a soothing throat effect. It can be eaten together with sweet and sweet Sydney. Of course, it is needless to say that cough and phlegm can be avoided.

  Fresh Sydney North and South Apricot stewed snow fungus is also the main character of stewed snow fungus, but the supporting role is replaced with Sydney, so that the whole stew is more moist, refreshing and quenching thirst, but also clearing the heat, when you are upset, use thisIt’s pretty good to come to Qingxin