“Is that so”Kozakura is also sitting by the bed,Close to Naruto,“Naruto I know,There will always be various things in one’s life,This is unavoidable,So don’t restrain yourself,Alright,No matter what,I would love to listen。”

Kozakura held the haggard Naruto tightly in her arms,Tap Naruto’s back lightly。
The long-lost feeling of peace of mind makes Naruto drowsy,This is after his parents died,Never feel。
In a dream,Naruto met his parents again,also–>>
It’s a child who is gently held in his arms by Jiu Xinnai,Slapping to sleep。
Hiding outside the bedroom door,Kakashi smiled。
“It looks like you are alright,master,Need something to eat?”
“Ok,of course,No matter what,Just hurry up,I am starving to death now。”Sleep till afternoon,Naruto, who has regained her spirit, clutched her belly and said,“correct,Where’s Sakura?”
“Ms. Haruno Sakura has gone back,After all, she has to continue to study with Master Naruto。”
While waiting for Kakashi to cook,Naruto turns on the TV while lying on the sofa in the living room。
The first show to appear was a news report about the clown。
“I think the demon fox man will reappear again,is it?”Kakashi came over with fried eggs and milk and said。
Naruto nodded and said“Ok,But this is also the last time the Demon Fox Man appeared,Honestly,I’m already looking forward to the life of ordinary people。”
Haruno Sakura changed Naruto’s mind,Let Naruto really know that he wants to live like ordinary people。
“Looks like I should thank Miss Haruno Sakura,correct,master,Do you need me to make an appointment with Ms. Haruno Sakura in advance for dinner??”
Naruto smiled,Shook his head and said“Wait a minute,Wait until I completely solve the clown。”