in fact,For Cai Xiulian, a bank teller who has worked for many years,Even if it’s just a casual glance,It is also impossible to put“thirty million”Misunderstood as“three million”of。but,Because the balance on Chu Yi’s card,It makes her feel incredible,So at first sight it will be“three million”。

If only three million,Then,Cai Xiulian is for the sake of face,Won’t bow to Chu Yi。
but,After confirming that the balance on the card is 30 million,Cai Xiulian changed her face immediately——There are 30 million big customers casually on the bank card,It’s definitely not something she can easily offend a little teller!
“Sorry,Mr. Chu,I just……”Cai Xiulian has to apologize quickly。
Chu Yi just smiled meaningfully。
Now know to apologize?
“Put my balance on this card,Take all out!”Chu Yi said lightly。
“Sorry!Our branch……Not so much cash!”Cai Xiulian’s tone at this time,It’s like Xiaojiabiyu。If it weren’t for Chu Yi just learned her bitterness,I am afraid that this is a gentle woman。
“Didn’t you just say,Wouldn’t your first bank have no money for me??”Chu Yi sneered。
“I……I really didn’t know you would have so much money in your card!”Cai Xiulian apologized again,“and,One-time withdrawal of more than 300,000 yuan,Is to make an appointment in advance!”
“Oh?is it?Also make an appointment in advance?”
“Ok!Yes!”Cai Xiulian hurriedly said,“or……I will help you withdraw two thousand yuan in cash?”