“No comment。”Two ladies are very happy,It is difficult to listen to them.。

but,She is safe to return to China,This is the most important。
“Thank you!As long as my child is safe,We immediately return to China。”
She is still thinking,What should she do tonight?,She met Blue Xin,Li Tingby will skeerate her。
She is thinking about how to hide tonight.,Lu Haocheng arranged for her,She is more。Lu Haozheng is back to home.,Go directly to the kitchen,Open the purple drawn pan and watch it.,Chicken Soup has already been,Loating a golden oil on the top,Aroma。
NS1942chapter Tasting the general drawwork craft
Lu Haozheng picked up the porcelain spoon,Little chicken soup,Taste the taste,Salty just just right,And very fragrant,He stepped back,Chicken soup time is long, not delicious。
He http://www.sunddin.cn covered with the cover,Turned to the refrigerator, I took some vegetables.,Plan a few small dishes,You can have dinner.。
Half an hour later,Dinner is dinner,He came out,Watching a look,依然没有动静。
“哼!”Blue Xinye glanced at him。
“Don’t touch me again this month.。”
Lu Haozheng looked at her,Reach your hand and smash her short hair,Slide,Airtight dish,He cache the opening of the iron:“Wife,I can not do it,Don’t be angry,I will send you to wash it.。”
Lu Haocheng did not help but picked her to the bathroom。
Blue Xin low breath,Very unhappy。
Lu Haocheng also knows that she is not happy.,I can only smile and wait for her.,Hold the chair in the chair。
Blue Xin is still tired,Almost 趴 on the table,Back pain, this feeling, she has become a habit.。
But in addition to being angry and sungo,She is really a certain way.。
She left home away,He can also find her。
Lu Haocheng first gave her a bowl of chicken soup to her.,Laugh and kickly drink:“老婆,Let’s drink some chicken soup warm and warm,These are vegetables you like.,eat more,I feel that you have thinned this time.。”
Blue Xin took a spoon,Ignore him,Drop drink soup。
Lu Haocheng laughed,Not talk,Half a meal,Lu Haocheng said:“Blue,Li Shuya and Li Xingyu will come out tomorrow.,Then return directly to China。”
Blue Xin listen this,This only looked at him.:“You arrange http://www.yumich.cn it.。”
Lu Hao is a bit helpless:“They hurt you,You still think about them like this.,I am so good to you.,But give me a face,I am very depressed。”
Lan Xin does not believe in his ghost。
“I am not kind,But I don’t want to hate and deepen.,Although we are not afraid of who,But more people need peace of mind,The other party has repentance,Give them a chance,Also let us own a road。”
“Others are because of bad talents become bad people,We are the bad guys,Since there is a chance to become a good person,Why do you have to do bad people??”
How will Lu Hao Cheng do not know what she is in my heart??
“fool,I hope that your kindness can have a sharp edge.。”
“Ah Cheng,I know what you mean,I have clear。”Blue Xin is a lot of mood.,There is no matter what happened to Lu Haoji.。
“Um!Hurry,Eat us out for a walk。”Lu http://www.xsd-space.cn Haocheng gave her a few chicken。