He leaving people.。

Although I http://www.ushuai.cn didn’t catch my ear,But forced out the sky,For Gano,This is the best result。
Treat him,The old man also looks at all people,“Leave a few people to clean up,The rest of the people are scattered.,What should I do?。”
The crowd silently spread,There is a complexity between the people of the ear.。
Especially the ear juno and the earlink,Will it be slight,upset。
They have not taken,Instead, I came to the old people.。
“Three uncle ancestors……”Not finished,The old man puts his hand to stop the Ear Junhao,Also look at the earlink,“You don’t blame me.。”
They slowly shook their heads,in silence。
The ear sugar is the big brother of the Ear Junhao,Is also the relative of the earlink,How can I not care?。
“Jun Hao,From tomorrow,You go to the ancestral hall to worship the ancestors,Then cultivate the natural breath.。”
What!Ear Jun Hao first is a glimpse,Post-face change,Shocked looking at the old。
“The ear can not be a group,starting from today,You are the ethnicity of the ear.。”
Merely,The old man deeply looked at the Ear Junhao,“You are very good.。”
……the other side。
Summer stopped,Leaning on a big tree,Dramatic gasp。
Than,He is very hurt。
If you are not mentioned,There is a mysterious energy repair injury,Can you have to catch up,Already the limit。
Looking down, look at the blood cave of the left rib,The wound has been crusted。
But the strange black suffocating still stays in the body。
Summer dry cough,Subsequent to the mouth of the mouth。
Rear residual shadow,Like white,I am going to change my body.。
It is the Chushan River。
“summer,How are you?”
Summer shink,Smile,“Teacher,what the hell is it。”
Chu Mountain River and his master Chu Shanchuan is a twin brother,Summer is always vision Chu Mountain River for elders,Shouting a teacher is not。
“That woman?”
The Chushan River did not answer immediately,Look up around。
“She continues to catch up.。”
Summer shink,Bitter,“But I think she can’t catch up.,Teacher,You don’t know her?”
“I have seen several times.,But there is no too much intersection。”
Chu Shanhe is slightly hesitant,Say,“She is friends with your master.。”
Seeing him like this,The Chushan River hesitated again.。
Half half,Sigh,“Some people have told you,Do you have http://www.c-silk.cn a child??”
Narrate,Summer stunned,“The ancient master and I said,I am premature infants,Live in three years,You are you have,And refrigerated,Eight years later,My father wakes me,Bring back home,After that, I was judged by Great and II.,My father left the home again.……”I have experienced a lot of things.,Summer is already able to have some truth of things。
“In fact, I know,My father is deliberate to take me back home.,It is also intentionally caught the crowds of Burg.,It is even more intentional to leave the home.,Because he wants to revenge for my mother,This is just to be a tired home.。”
Summer voice is quite complicated,Slightly low。
“After I was sent to the teacher,One is that the master finds the method of cure my method.,Two,Can also make my father without worry。”