“I know that when you hear this price,unbelievable,Then it is necessary to catch yourself.,After all, this is money,to be honest,I have a old thing that has dried so many years of village cadres.,When I heard Xiao Li and I said that the figure was so worth money.,I think so too,The scourge in the greenhouses turned into the banknotes.,How can this be unhappy??”

“but,Carefully think,My family has so many large sheds,I can’t catch alone.,Vegetables still have to be disaster,Come carefully when you come,The disasterful vegetables are definitely earned than the field rat.,Xiao Li is also what this means,I am still what this means.。”
“That is,We can make people free to catch us.,However, if people have more, you don’t want to red eye.,After all, our vegetables sell money will also be red.,But the Nice is caught, and everyone has to admit it.,My opinion is that there are two greenhouses at home.,You can specialize in the nurses at home.,But you also know,Our village’s fields are somewhat different.,Not afraid of cats,And also smart,It’s not eating.,Then it is a gripped clip,It is not,So caught this thing is not so simple.。”
“People in other villages want to make money,It should also be earned too much.,The problem now is that everyone agrees to disagree.,Agree, we will sign the contract with the little plum.,Farm must be sold to Xiao Li,After all, this is what he thinks.,Looking a way,Of course, Xiao Li has not forced you to sign.,He doesn’t accept your family’s Nice,Because he wants to be responsible for the boss above,Our field is wrong,His first one will be punished。”
Repeat,Xu Laifu also said that the mouth is dry。
The following people are also the initiatives,Slowly become a noddion。
Since Li Mei’s thing,Most people in the village are now suffering from one breath.。
After all, no one wants to go out, it is pointed out.,Especially still the name of the whole village owe money.。
Now everyone thinks about it.,Everything that Li Hui is doing is to help the village.,Never harmed people in the village。
However, I used to think that Li Hui’s money in the village.,I don’t have fun in my heart.,However, if you experience Li Mei, they only know how good Li Hui is.。
“Old village,do not talk,We are all signed,As long as you can solve this field,We are not reluctant,After all, we can’t catch it.,Not like it,At least the reputation of our village can also earn a little。”
“Yup,We agree,You say that you are dry.。”
I heard the following people’s words,Xu Lai Fu suddenly felt very gratified。
“Good,Then I will let Xiao Li go directly to the village to find a magazine.,You choose someone you,Willing to let you go to your greenhouse,Who let?。”
Say this,Xu Laifu can’t help but laugh.。
“Hahaha, how do we feel like a selection?,Still willing to let who will let?。”
“What do you think,This is equal to giving money to people,Who is,Who can make big money?。”
After the meeting,It is the whole village person to sign the contract.。
After Li Hui received a call from Xu Laifu,It is also directly to Shen Tian Si’s call.。
Chapter 846 Farm
Shen Tianzi did not expect that Li Hui’s road can still carry out such a road.。
Although this road is a bit wild,However, it has achieved a large part of the rural left-behind women.。
When I learned that the rice is very delicious.,He also can’t help but want to try。
But he is still working first.,Directly gave Zhao Pengyu a call,By the way, the village head of other villages has played a call.。
As long as a good hand is catching a mouse,You can report to Lianhua Village。
Shen Tian Si is also directly putting the requirements.,That is living,Intact,A catty twenty。
The village chief in each village heard the value of the Vice.,It is also surprised,After all, there is also the country of the village.,However, when I know that it is less than three pounds.,Everyone is also curious about how much the nice in Lotus Village is.。
Zhao Tiezhu was originally intended to go to the county town of Jin Xiger.,But I heard the broadcast of Zhao Pengyu in the village.,Take the spirit。
He has no other hobbies on weekdays.,That is, I like to get a job.,I dare to catch wild chicken before,Hare,But with the strict management,He is not daren now.。
Especially the children at home have also begun to high school.,Thinking of your child is so angry,He is also trying to work hard.,Follow the county city to work。
He has a very serious lumbar muscle strain,It’s all because you are young, you have done your physical strength.。
I didn’t want to follow Jin Xijie this time.,But the money driving on the side of Jin Xijie is too tempting.,One month of 5,000,This is a high price in this remote place.。
As for those 10,000,20,000,Although he is also envious,But you also know that all those who can take them.。
He has went to work, and it is a small worker.,Both is physical activity。