Auricular acupoints for curing enuresis in children

Auricular acupoints for curing enuresis in children

In the distal end, the author used the method of auricular acupoint pressing beans to treat pediatric enuresis, which is easy to recover and has good results. The brief introduction is as follows: The treatment method is to take auricular points such as kidney, bladder, endocrine, and brain.

First look for obvious points of tenderness in the alternative acupoint area, routinely disinfect the skin with 75% alcohol, and then use 0.

5 cm x 0.

5 cm adhesive tape fixed Wang Buliuzi on the auricular point with a degree of soreness. Change 2 points each time and replace them alternately. Change 3-4 times a day, 100-300 times each time. 3-5Replace once a day; both ears are performed simultaneously, 5 times as a course of treatment.

  Pediatric enuresis is a common disease. Because acupuncture and medication are not easy to accept for children, the author uses auricular acupressure.

Chinese medicine believes that the ear and the meridian organs are closely related. Stimulating auricular points can regulate the functions of the organs associated with the organs.

Enuresis in children is mostly caused by insufficiency of congenital endowment, deficiency of kidney qi, and insufficiency of the bladder. Acupoints such as kidney, brain, and endocrine can supplement congenital deficiency; bladder acupoints are used to regulate storage and excrete urine.

Usually 2-5 courses can be cured.