Qi and blood:120000

Internal force:70000
Good at martial arts:Do nothing、Red palm、Ice Soul Silver Needle
TMD!Du Jueming wants to curse now,ThisBOSSThe strength is completely beyond the line, OK?!
only8Star mission,Just come out60Li Mochou,This is still weakened in the plot mode,If it is normal mode,How strong is Li Mochou?!
Compare the previous tasks,The seven-star mission is just40Yu Canghai!
Is it8Star missions should not be hit50ClassBOSS?
But this is what Du Jueming wants,When I hit Yu Canghai,,Du Jue Mingcai16Level only,Now he has reached20level!
《Jianghuxing》Every160Before the level,Every other20Level is a level,In other words16Monsters and20Level monster is not a horizontal line at all,In terms of game attribute template。
It’s the usual upgrade1Point attributes,19Upgrade20Directly add10Point attributes like this。
But unfortunately, the enemies have this setting,But the player does not have this setting。
Only add per level100Some blood and100Internal force,And there is no other attribute bonus!
That’s why Du Jueming hated him。
Li Mochou smiled,“Bro,You have to make it difficult for the slave?”
Qiaoxiaoqianxi,Look forward to,Li Mochou’s facial expressions all interpreted this sentence,Du Jueming couldn’t help swallowing secretly,Forced to focus on Li Mochou。
“If the fairy is willing to return to the ancient tomb and stop doing evil,We naturally don’t fight each other。”