Blue Qiqi is still not anxious,Han Yuxuan is a step。

“Arbor,You rest assured,Your company is bankrupt,My company will not bankrupt,I now fight now.,But there is also a Korean behind me.,You really thought that my father didn’t ask me.?”
Han Yuxuan gradually saw some Ni came,Li Shan used the Yang Cheng。
Otherwise,Yang Cheng’s people,Don’t underestimate him easily。
“Huh”Li Shan smiled,Ridicule:“Han Yuxuan,Your character is frightened,How is your father to you?,Do you have you unclear??”
“Still say,You forgot that you have said yourself.,You said that I would rather starve to die.,I will not go to your father’s company.,Do you want to violate your vows??”
Li Shan is ironic in words,She is layout for so long,Suddenly be jumped out of a young man,Solve all things。
What is the Chu Fei Yang??
Li Shan hit his fist,These times,Not officially started,She is lost in Han Yuxuan’s hands.。
One heard this,Han Yuxuan is more confirmed by his own heart.。
Li Shan used the Yang Cheng to deal with her。
Li Shan has always been a well and gentle woman in front of Dad.,Weak bullying,In any person, she seems to be in the side of the weak.。
Yang Cheng, a good female color person,Naturally, I will take her。
Han Yuxuan smiled,Way:“That’s just that I was talking about.,Also,How do I do that is my business?,What is the relationship with you??”
Blue Qiqi,This Li Shan and Han Yuxuan,It seems to have a strong firepage。
She is very curious about what is the relationship between the two??
”Han Jin came out of the elevator from the tall figure.,When you look up, you will see your own son.。
Li Shan listened to Han Jin’s voice,The whole figure is stiff in the original place.。
For design and Han Jin,I have paid a huge price these years.。
Han Jin is also the same,He is now going to divorce with the woman.。
Iran Yu is so proud of it.,How can I allow Han Jin’s betrayal??
These years,She has been painful,Just to see this day,See Han Jin and the woman divorce。
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Han Jin also saw Li Shan and Yang Cheng,The face is not good.。
He also saw the Blue Qiqi around Han Yuxuan。
Watching softly,“Yuxuan,You will take a blue lady to eat.,Let me handle it here。”
Lan Qi came out from Han Yu.,Well-behaved:“Han Song。
”Han Jin looked at her laugh:“Kiki,You are also welcome,I am bigger than your father.,You call me a uncle.。”
See this kid,Best late, you have a wife.。
Blue Qiqi,Laugh,From good fortune:“Uncle is good!”
“Let Qi Qi laughs,You go to dinner first.,I have taken time in a few days.,Think”“Father,I took Qi Qi first.。”