And on the sofa behind these strong people,Then, sitting on the legs, sitting a enchanting girl。

I can’t see the age of the girl from the outside.,She is wearing a red silk skirt,Tilt the sling on the shoulder,White shoulder,The foot is a pair of black high heels,The face is full of stupid smiles,It seems that it is full of charming。
“Chasha,It is also an old man in the city of sin.,Should know the rules of my bliss paradise。”
Women’s voice is equally soft,It’s just that the words say it.,“So,It should also be very clear,Today, you must die.。”
Speech,She swept after hiding behind the summer,Renaidth is falling in the summer。
Just when you see the summer calm face,Can’t help pick up,Some surprised。
“Cai boss,I just want to live,Put me once。”
Men’s face named Chessa,Eye-catching,Catch the shoulders of the summer,The other hand in the hands close to the summer neck。
He is obviously very afraid,Sound is shaking,The forehead also overflows cold sweat,“Otherwise, I will kill him now.,Their Pale Paradise cannot be asilted guests,Nobody dare to come here。”
“Then I tried it.。”
Women named Cai Boss are very casual,Just talking about talking,Still in curiosity, summer。 Some curiosity,Some surprised。
This new guest seems to be not afraid.。
She stood up at the same time,Stepping on the elongated high heel。
“Stand,Don’t come over,Otherwise, I killed him.……”
Chasha glared in his eyes,Seeing the enchanting girl did not stop,Now just roar,Just waving the dagger in your hands。
However, at this time,What happened unexpected things。
I saw the summer standing in front.,Suddenly walk forward。
Be right。
He is ignored to the threat of each other,Trailing。
What is more convinced?,Chasha did not stop。
I even stunned。
Not just him,Cai boss also stunned,But she responds faster。
嗖,People have disappeared。
Again,Also arrived next to Chessia。
I saw her raising white arms.,Slim five fingers,Quickly brush the throat of Chasha。
Chasha’s figure stiff,Double eyes convex,Face is full of unlikely,Shake your neck and shake it on the ground。
Until this time,Bump,His throat shot a bloody arrow。
First1714Chapter Huh
“Clean it here。”
Cai boss looks also not to look at the body on the ground,Wave,看 向 依 依 影 影 影。
Just now,Others don’t know what to have,She is very clear。
Just in Chessa waving the moment,Or there is a flash between,Have a sluggish and gathering。
And this youth,Use this empty file,No effort to blow up the control of Chassa。