3 moisturizing tips suggested by beauty experts


3 moisturizing tips suggested by beauty experts



hzh {display: none; }  调节剂并不属于保湿护理。The conditioner is used to remove residues of free radicals after washing your face and is a necessity for cleaning the skin.

Therefore, once the skin has been washed, no further conditioner is needed.

If you are trying to check whether your face is washed after washing your face, use a purer conditioner.

  However, there are many other functions added to the currently available skin cleansing conditioners.

Add sedatives to ease the irritation to the skin, add humectants to improve the dryness of the skin, add antibacterial and disinfect acne, and then remove the sebum regulator.

Be aware, however, that the additional functions of the regulator can actually damage the skin.

For example, the alcohol in the added antibacterial ingredients cannot completely disinfect acne, but may irritate the skin and cause other inflammation.

In addition, the added moisturizing function is too strong, which will also replace all oily skin.

  Based on the above, when selecting a regulator, we must first understand the properties of the product, that is, we must consider that it also has some form of substitution.

If you choose a product with a certain moisturizing function because your skin is dry, you only need to add a little skin lotion.

If you choose a product that contains a moisturizer because it is oily skin, there is no need to use other.

  In addition, there are too many products similar to conditioners, some of which have the function of inserting pores, but in fact, because of the addition of alcohol, they only heat up and tighten instantly.

If one conditioner is prepared, there is no need to prepare and use other products.


Nutrition milk is a skin moisturizer.

Although their product names are different, their components are roughly the same.

These products are different from ordinary skin care products or milks, and are made by highly concentrated nutritional ingredients.

Therefore, most of this product is very expensive.

  In fact, studying the composition of typical moisturizers is not the same as skin lotion and milk.

If you want to find the difference between them, it contains more advanced anti-acidification ingredients and moisturizing ingredients.

In other words, the price is expensive, but it is not much different from ordinary products.

The choice and use of this moisturizer depends on the personal financial ability of consumers. If it can replace the use of advanced moisturizing ingredients and anti-acidification products, then they can be purchased. Otherwise, ordinary cosmetics can meet the requirements of the skin.

Even sometimes, the moisturizing effect of ordinary milk will exceed that of expensive nutritional milk.

Therefore, if you try to complete skin maintenance at a low cost, you can completely ignore the existence of expensive moisturizers.

  However, if this special moisturizer comes with other functions, it will be another matter.

This side function is usually wrinkle removal and whitening.

  Regarding wrinkle removal and whitening, there is still a part later.

Here we will first talk about humectants containing other functions.

If you choose right, you can reduce the variety of cosmetics.

Choose a moisturizer with moisturizing, whitening, and anti-acidification functions. Moisturizing care can be done overnight.

If you add wrinkle removal function, moisturizing treatment will be simpler and more convenient.

However, if only the supplementary function is recommended, and the expected moisturizing effect is dilute, then it is not moisturizing care.

In this case, other moisturizers should be replaced if necessary.

At present, cosmetics produced by many cosmetic manufacturers generally have more than two care functions.

  Skin moisturizing treatments vary slightly depending on the skin condition and the cosmetics used.Sometimes it can be done all at once, and sometimes additional cosmetics are needed, which needs to be determined through some experiments.

Cosmetics manufacturers never fully disclose the ingredients of their products. Therefore, it is difficult for consumers to judge whether it is a moisturizer or an anti-acidifier based on the composition of the ingredients. Therefore, they need to research and judge while using it.

As far as whitening products are concerned, if only one type of skin is used, it will not become dry and tight, then no other care products will be used.

Otherwise, the skin care products you use may be insufficient or free of humectants, then you need to use other skin care products instead.

  The above situation does not occur every day.

Sometimes it may feel good to use one kind of care product, sometimes it is necessary to use other products, and sometimes it is not necessary to use anything, and the skin is not abnormal.

As with all skin care, moisturizing care should be based on the current situation of your skin, as long as you feel that there is no abnormality in the skin.


Is it a moisturizing treatment?

The answer is yes.

But it is not authentic, just one of the variants of moisturizing care.

  The original purpose of massage is to use physical friction to promote blood circulation to the skin.

Faster blood circulation can supply nutrients deep into the skin.

Therefore, if the massage liquid contains highly concentrated moisturizing ingredients, the skin can be kept moist.

Dry skin, if massaged once or twice a week, will help improve skin condition.

But the massage liquid is not suitable for all skins. Only those who have dry skin and severe symptoms are suitable for those who need moisturizing massage. It is not necessary to do it every day. It is only necessary when the skin is very dry.

During the massage, if the hand is too strong and the movement is rough, it will cause irritation to the skin, making it become sensitive dry skin, and redness and swelling will occur.

Oily skin may cause inflammation such as acne because of the oily ingredients contained in the massage liquid.

Therefore, I usually advise people who have too much oil to avoid using massage fluids.

  Recently, the function of the massage liquid has also been strengthened. Generally, moisturizing ingredients are added, and at the same time, it also has keratin removal, whitening function, or the use of mint to relieve fatigue and calm.

Therefore, when choosing to use, you must carefully understand the ingredients of the product.

If you choose a keratin-removing massage liquid, you must know whether the content of AHA and BHA is sufficient; if you need a whitening massage liquid, you also need to know whether the content of vitamin C is sufficient.

In fact, the effect of removing keratin and whitening does not necessarily depend on the massage liquid. If other skin care products can achieve the purpose, it is recommended not to use the massage liquid.

  If it contains fragrance, it can calm the skin through the aroma, but it may also cause skin diseases, so it should be treated carefully.

Fragrance cosmetics have aromas, but only have irritating effects on the skin.