“Ok,That’s good。”Ding Yi hit a ha。

Jiang Fan hugs her,Said:“Go to sleep。”
“Ok,You go to bed earlier,B。”
Jiang Fan patted her back,Until her breathing becomes even,Just stopped beating。
Ding Yi did not know,Many work inspirations,Including implementation methods,It’s all the result of Jiang Fan thinking at night。When Ding Yi was asleep,If Jiang Fan has something in his heart,Under normal circumstances, I wake up after squinting for a while,After waking up,Abnormally awake brain,at this time,Which is when his mind is most active。
The demolition work in Huaguang Community is in full swing in accordance with the established plan。
This work is carried out in three stages,The first stage,Is a publicity launch,Notice of targeted visits in the second phase,Issue documents related to the demolition of illegal buildings。First is the owner’s self-demolition stage,At this stage,After receiving the documents from the municipal government, some owners,Already in the process of demolishing illegal buildings other than their own。But most of the owners belong to Wang Jun’s family,It’s a small fight,The ones who really built floors and built small houses in the yard haven’t moved yet,Obviously waiting to see。The third stage is the forced demolition stage by the government。
however,With the further deepening of demolition work,Unimaginable resistance is increasing。
After the Urban Construction Bureau,Several companies that were expanding and preparing to expand immediately stopped construction,Several houses have been built but insisted not to demolish themselves。There are three openly grouped together,Fight demolition,As long as there is a house in the community that will not be demolished,They will not dismantle。The point is very clear。
this day,Lan Kuangyi, director of the Urban Construction Bureau, came to Jiang Fan’s office,Put a bag of things in front of him。
Jiang Fan said:“what?”
Lan Kuangyi said:“money。”
“what money?”