“Soul Master?But not everyone can be.”Tang Hao said sadly。

“Even if not,Can I keep it for Xiaosan to marry a wife??”
“You want him to bachelor for a lifetime?”
“Sell it tomorrow!”
Tang Chen smiled,As long as Tang Hao is willing to sell,Definitely have a good price。
He was a rich man in his previous life,I’m used to the life of Jinyiyushi。
There are gold fingers in this life,Harder to live。
Big deal go hunting,Even if you sell the fruits of cultivation, you can make a fortune。
Twice the speed of training,Take it out and the whole continent has to be mad。
If it’s not for fear of causing trouble,Now he will go to the city to open a shop。
“You kid.This mouth is amazing.”
“alright,I’ll go out tomorrow.”
Tang Hao is a little flat,This mouth is sharper than A Yin,Not an opponent at all。
Early next morning,Tang Chen was awakened by the tinkling iron。
I found out after walking out of the house,Tang Hao has made breakfast,Is teaching Tang San to fight iron。
Man’s promise,Didn’t let him down。