“Good bloody scene!An inhumane rescue!”Called Anna Cao, who just switched back to video mode。

“What is Guo Xiao called?Hiding in the hostage room‘Cat’A whole game,Killing me!What a rookie!”Zhang Song smiled。
Novice,Lu Yi doesn’t know,But one thing,Lu Yi is sure。
“The two of them play http://www.oasis-life.cn completely different,should be‘Two realms’……”
“Which two?”Zhang Song asked。
“‘Reckless and terrible’with‘The ultimate’。”
Prelude-newborn Chapter Thirty One The ultimate
“‘The ultimate’?I always think Gou’s style of play is to lie down there,Like a dog!”Zhang Song smiled。
“The point is to find the best hidden location on the map,This is their innate talent。A period of time when each new map of the Gun of Glory comes out,Treat everyone is strange,Countless shameless people,All follow‘Gou’This tactic was unearthed,They are the most important people in the pioneering period,Provide first-hand information for future battlefield tactics。”Lu Yi。
“I don’t understand,What are you talking about,I only know the dangers of being overcast in a place,Every time I pass by, my hair stands up,The body responds instinctively to draw http://www.adorn168.cn the gun,This might be‘learn from mistakes’Bar!”Zhang Songdao:“and many more……You seem to be teaching me something?Haha,thank you,Master!You finally recognize me!”
Zhang Song reacted,Actually Lu Yi hasn’t,He just got used to the observer’s perspective like a reporter,Or the law students’ feeling of occupying the commanding heights of the rules,Blurted out some details。
“Two classmates!Look at!Wouldn’t you like the book??Do you want me to go in and ask your teacher to come out for guidance?!”A big middle-bearded man with glasses came up,He looks like a young version of Coach Anxi。
“Director Chen?!I don’t dare to teach the director anymore!”Zhang Song immediately hid the phone,Put the book on top of your head,Neat and tidy,I can even put a bowl of water without spilling。
Lu Yi has something to learn,Back against the wall,There is no gap。
Actually, Lu Yi doesn’t know the dean of education, whose surname is Chen,He has always been a http://www.momobag.cn good boy,I usually only focus on my own studies,No chance to deal with the dean。however,Zhang Song is different,As“Nine Admirals”His,Long ago“The incarnation of justice on campus,Advanced model of moral education”Director Chen was nailed to the pole of shame,If it weren’t for the university’s environment,,Zhang Song called his parents once every three days,Quit school every five days。
Every time Director Chen sees Zhang Song,Can’t help but want to whip a whip,He always forces himself to be sane,Can only symbolically pinch Zhang Song’s skinny arms。