“and many more,And one more thing,Two days is the 60th anniversary of Suzuki Cauling Valve.,I have been invited with Xiong San.,You will go with us.。”Fu Zhezhi said。

“uncle,Suzuki Caver Valve 60th Anniversary Day……Uh,What is the relationship with me?,That is the party of your neon business people,I will not go.。”http://www.sjywzx.cn
“Indeficiency,But you are still young,See you more,More learning, friends will not be wrong。”
Liao Wenjie,really,See the world more,I have been recognized by him.。
“How about it,how about,I have an old friend’s daughter,She will also……”
“Hey!Ager,You are still there,say something!”
Chapter 278 Still familiar
Extended sedan slowly enters the designated area,Peripheral rich business gather,The luxury car is everywhere.。
Because of this place gathered a large number of social evolution,Not only limited to businessmen,There is also a political star.,Therefore, the police spontaneously organized a police force,Level,Guardians。
“Just a 60th anniversary of a financial valve,Scene is so grand,The capital of capital is good.……”Liao Wenjie looks outside the window,Whispering。
http://www.hztpysyx.cn “Ager,How is your work??”Fu Zexiong three asks。
“Basically get,After you have a card every day,Waiting for the file report,I can return to Hong Kong Island.。”
“How long does it take??”
“Twenty days,what happened,Is there anything to help??”
“no,Just feel good to see one side,Just a few days later I want to go to the mountain to collect the wind.,Looking for creation inspiration,By the way, you will invite you to the holiday mountain and breathe the free air in the suburbs.。”
“no problem,Call with。”
With the dialogue of the two,Fu Zezhe is gradually dignified,He knows,Liao Wenjie came from Japan,No, it is not as simple as a business trip.。
“Male three,Where is your girlfriend?,Why didn’t you pick her??”
Fu Zezhe ruled the face of the face:“I remember before telling you.,The scorpion is a good http://www.lygfk.cn girl,You have to have a lot of you,Why don’t you listen to me??”
“Ah this year……”
Facing an aggressive old father tone,Fu Zexiong three straight:“In advance,The scorpion and Suzuki uncle are in the same field.,So I didn’t pick her up.。”
Both people are currently a male and female relationship,No marriage ritual has been held,It doesn’t matter if you do it.,But the big thing is the most care of the big house is the face and etiquette.,Don’t move people’s daughters,If you can’t help but stay at night……
Suzuki’s face!
“Ok,Remember to contact us with a lotus,Don’t take care of those who are useless for a day.。”
“I am not there.……”
“Cough,Male three,The uncle is right.。”
Seeing that the father and son have to open the bar,Liao Wenjie decisively:“Take one tenth of your time every day.,Tell the silk,Two sentences,It is also good for her to drink more hot water.。”
“Ok,Listen to you。”
Fu Zhezhi:(?beneficial?)
Car stops,Three people go to the port board,Fu Zezhi’s friend of the political circle,Stocked in place。
Topic is extremely capital and dirty,Greatly spend money for you for me,I am pursuing a whole business,good for everyone,Money earned。
Only aftertaste, this pure white flower is polluted,Liao Wenjie’s ten steps,Looking down on the ground to find ants。
“Tea wooden police,Please terminate this activity immediately,The other party is the inexperity of strange thief,He wants to pass the security inspection on the ship,Theft of the gem is simple and easy。”
Ten-meter,Two middle-aged police officers who are in the casual are fierce。