How much is your emptiness index

How much is your emptiness index

Pass this psychological test to see how much your emptiness index is?

  Test question: In the era of pirates fighting for power, a pirate captain who is proficient in the sea, facing a group of partners, looking for the treasure of the century, he suddenly encountered obstacles just before reaching his destination.

Please follow your instincts and choose which one caused the ship to be a disaster. Each disaster represents an ancient spell: A, the storm was attacked, the cabin leaked B, the sail was struck by lightning, a severe fire C occurred, and the ship was infected.The plague of the century, the crew died one by one, a deep-sea giant snake attacked E, the ship was entangled by vines on the bottom of the deep sea, and could not move forward. Choice A: represents water.

Emptiness Index: 30 points.

Water means fluctuating, but water can fill any container, meaning fullness.

In fact, you are not empty or lonely. You have many family and friends to accompany, but you like to think wildly and always surround yourself with sad emotions. It is recommended to do things that have nothing to do with love, such as outdoor sports, and use physical exercise to distract attentionforce.

  Option B: stands for Torch.

Emptiness Index: 75 points.

The torch is the meaning of hope, but it is a fire of hope in the cave. You can only lean on the torch which will be blown out at any time in the cave.Let your family and friends accompany you!

  Choose C: Represent the underworld.

Emptiness Index: 90 points.

The meaning of death and end is also a new beginning, which shows that you may have just ended a relationship recently, and you are currently facing this new choice, but your heart is very confused and empty, so it is better to spend more timeThink about your current problems and make the right choice.

  Choice D: stands for Hurricane.

Emptiness Index: 50 points.

Changeable and turbulent.

There will be a small crisis between you and the other half, making you feel depressed.

Dissatisfied with the status quo, love for work, love has always been eager to change, we must tell you that it is not a good time to move, it is not better to insist on a change, talking with friends will help you.

  Select E: for protection.

Emptiness Index: 15 points.

Someone will protect you from bullying, and there are many nobles around you.

You will not feel empty at all, and even occasionally, you will get many good friends.