Lu Haocheng instantly refreshed the three views of Yu Yu。

Le Zhenxi suddenly looked at Lu Hao Cheng。
“Lu Hao Cheng,We are blue here,You also dare to Dynasty。”Le Zhenxi said that a face of the disaster。
Lu Haocheng glanced at the chief,If he appears on a banquet tonight,His wife will leave him http://www.9989bba.cnto eat with him. NS?
“Humph!”Lu Hao Cheng smokes,Look at Blue Xin again,“Wife,I didn’t lie,Really, she seduce me.,People in the hall can testify。”
Blue Xin looked at him,I also saw a blushing.。
“But two of you are hiding here??”Blue Xin has a vibrant look at Lu Haozheng。
Lu Hao is a bit awkward,Can’t tell her,He is because he is hiding here.。
His eyes dodge ,Looking down at her:“Wife,I came to pick you up.,Look at you two chat,I have never drew you in the past. 。”
Blue Xin is quite helpless:“You haven’t dinked yet.?I have taken a lot of delicious.,You can also come over,I am waiting for you with Xi Xi.?”
Lu Hao Cheng listened,I only feel that I am really calm.,If you know that the blue heart has this heart,Why do he hide here?,Make Le Yu Xi Yu in the past minute。
“Wife,Then let’s continue to eat together。”Lu Haocheng looked at Blue Xin。
Lan Xin looked at him,“I will accompany you for a while.,First solve the things here again。”
immediately,She also looked at Le Zhenxi,“Hexi,Your body is not fully recovered,Let’s go back to rest first.。”
Le Xi nodded,He has always been hard。
“Lu Hao Cheng,Protect blue blue,She is bullied by any woman.,I can’t let you do this brother.。”
elder brother……
Lu Hao Cheng did not see his brother from his head.,Instead, it is worried about him all day.。
“Walk away,Don’t bother our husband and wife dining。” Lu Haozi is not allowed to leave immediately。
“hehe……”Le Zhenxi looked at Blue Xin:“Blue,I am leaving。 ”
“Um!have a good rest。”Blue Xin looked at him shallow smile,In Le Zhenxi,Just like the starry,As long as you can see her smile,Sufficient。
He glanced at the woman on the ground.,The moment that docked with Yu Yu’s eyes,His gentle scorpion is cold and cold, like a knife, the heart is in the heart of the heart.。
Yu Yuyu just stood a few steps。
elder brother……!
younger sister……!
How can this be?
She clearly saw the jealousy on Lu Haozheng’s face.。
Who is the man just,Looking at it is also wearing extraordinary,Non-identity status is not low。
Le Xi slowly left,Blue Xin still seen a different,He is clearly not good,But is it hard??
Blue Xin slowly returned,Falling on the emotions have been restored。
Blue Xin asked indifferently:“Are you looking for my husband??”
NS1234chapter:Lady,It’s my fault
Yu Yuyu looked at Lu Hao Cheng,I don’t know how to answer.。