I am initiating an initiative here.,In the future, we all join,Visiting position in each game,Mount a piece together《Health game advice》:

Boycott,Refusal of pirated games。
Pay attention to self-protection,Beware of being cheated。
Moderate game,Endo game injury。
Reasonable time,Enjoy a healthy life。
To remind players,Treat the game correctly。”
Wang Flow to see the audience,Seriously proposing。
NS504chapter There is still not satisfied
Health game advice?
Lu Shengjie suddenly shined in front of him,The outside world is naturally known to the sound of the game industry.,While the game industry is prosperous,I can’t avoid some problems,Such as a large number of players,Delay、Affect life、Waste abandoned academic problems。
Not only the reputation of the game industry,It is also a harm to the entire society.,Really causing a vigilance,Early prevention。
The initiative of Wang traffic is very good.,Health game advice……
Lu Shengjie recalled the advice of the king just mentioned.,Yue, the more you feel,In the game,Remind and guide the player’s science、Moderate、Healthy use game,Not only can I improve the reputation of the game industry,An atmosphere of the whole society can also form a promotion。
worth considering。
Everyone around people nodded,And someone handed over,Small reply,Be practiced,They feel natural and deeper。
Although you can earn money,It is nothing to do.,Can you be less,Who is willing to be 得 挨??
The king will then say a few questions.,And give your own solution,Then successfully ended。
I instantly sounded an applause in the field.,It is more than a long time than just now.。
Wang traffic laughs,Located。
Shao Xianping once again entered the field:“Thanks to the general speech,Several questions from point out are really a needle,The solution given is also very thoughtful.,Really brilliant,Let me benefit a lot,I believe I heard the general statement.,Everyone must also gain http://www.yiyuanpiaohao.cn something,Thank you again。
Next, I will continue to invite guests to speak on stage.……”
Shao Xianping took a guest again,The latter immediately came to,Then start a statement。
Today, there are a total of hundreds of game manufacturers to be invited to the annual meeting.,The annual meeting only last day,time is limited,Naturally, it is impossible to invite all guests to speak.。
Can only pick several powerful and influential manufacturers as a representative,Come to step to speak。
In addition to Lu Shengjie and Wang,Subsequently, six guests were invited.,Situations in the current economic situation, respectively、The future development direction of the game industry gives its own speech.。
One after another,The first stage of the summit forum:The speech representative of the guest ended successfully。
At 10 http://www.zzchenyang.cn o’clock,After eight representatives,,Time has come to noon,Announcement in the morning also announced the end。
On-site preparation for lunch,Next, eat first,Waiting for the time after dinner, start the afternoon arrangement,That is, the second stage of the summit forum:Group free discussion。
Just taking time to eat,Everyone can first determine the group,And prepare a discussion。
Originally the leader of the game industry,I have given a wonderful speech.,The king did not surprised to be sought after。
just ended,Many people come over,Expressing the idea that is willing to make a group,Even even Lu Shengjie specially found it,But not to group,Department of leadership,Countless,Can take time to attend an annual meeting,And listened to a speech a morning,It’s rare,There is no time in the afternoon to continue.。
He found http://www.calmbuy.cn it just to leave before and the king and everyone say a few words.。