Decompression tips for women in the workplace jungle

Decompression tips for women in the workplace jungle

The lies of women in the reinforced jungle of the workplace are not the same as the “disgusting” and “you are so bad” of the little girl in love, which make men’s heart beat faster.

Because the gender advantage of women in the workplace seems to be exerted only when they are alone, they have stipulated this colleague on a variety of companies, and employees and customers must not marry repeatedly. They feel pressured by work and tiredThey just wanted to get out of the office and relax completely, to restore their nature. In order not to be disturbed by others, they used a “lie” to make a “sweet lips and a little peach blossom” and turn mediocrity into a magic. Its purpose is nothing more than four: one is to strengthen self protectionThe second is to avoid conflicts; the third is to meet the expectations of others; the fourth is to feel more fearful than the lies.

It can be seen that “lie” has the role of spiritual opium for women in the workplace.

  The ancient Roman poet Mattier said to the woman, “You are a combination of lies. For inheritance, you lock two-thirds of the whole person in the box.

“In order to survive and work, women in the workplace have to use lipstick” lies “to make up.

Use some things that are not your own, and put on a face that the character thinks is his own face.

Although the Orientals pay attention to “a little bit of cherries,” as long as one person tells the first lie, it means that she must use another lie to come to its conclusion, which means that more lies will appear one after another.Don’t make yourself into the next Marilyn in the future.

Monroe’s two scarlet lips opened slightly.

  When I was in elementary school, I always figured out the difference between makeup and make-up.

Now that I think about it, it’s very reasonable to be confused at first.

Make-up is a means of protecting oneself, which was popular in the war years; makeup is also. In a society where competition and elimination are very fierce, women gain self-confidence through makeup.

For women, the function of lipstick is to prevent and protect and show beauty; to women, the application of lies may be a kind of self-confidence, a helplessness, and a sorrow.

  However, although lipstick has the role of spiritual opium, whenever I see lipstick, I always think of a plot in Chi Li ‘s “Lipstick” I read earlier, a laid-off female worker doing part-time work, in order to get a tube that is the same as the ownerLipstick, she stretched her hand to a female Kun bag in desperation, and finally entered the prevention center.

It can be seen that lipstick, a cosmetic product, also has two sides. While showing protection and beauty, it also hides destructiveness.

In short, for women who like to lie, don’t let the lie that comes from the mouth become the dangerous lipstick.