Tea skincare is quietly rising globally


Tea skincare is quietly rising globally

With the renaissance of the tea industry, tea by-products are exploring a new path for their own development, expanding to multiple channels and expanding into new areas has become a new trend of development.

By-products of tea flavors in the market such as drinks, bread, sunflower seeds . are generally accepted by consumers, while tea skin care products are rising quietly around the world, and several major cosmetic brands have launched their own tea series skin care products.

  It is understood that the launch of Asian brands is relatively early, and the market response is also relatively good.

For example, the green tea series of South Korea’s DE-OPROCE company, the green tea aftershave launched by Japan’s Shiseido, and the green tea cleansing cream of Shu Uemura, Japan are all well received by consumers.

Recently, European and American brands have also launched green tea skin care series. The United States’ Mizuo H2O green tea antioxidant cream, essence, and the world’s top brand French Lancome company’s green tea beauty series, the market response is quite good.

Avon has recently launched white tea antioxidant skin care products.

It is reported that the content of tea polyphenols in white tea is 3-4 times that of green tea, and its antioxidant capacity is inferior to that of green tea.

The distributor said that this product was very popular as soon as it was launched, and its sales were very good.

  The preliminary of the advanced skin care of today’s tea series can be that green tea itself has a significant beauty effect.

Scientific research has confirmed that tea polyphenols extracted from green tea can help the body neutralize, remove free radicals generated inside the skin due to ultraviolet rays and external pollution, and effectively improve dull skin tone.

The various amino acids contained in tea can effectively promote the formation of starch, keep the skin moisturized, slow down skin oxidation and delay skin aging.

  The tea series skin care products launched by many brands are made by extracting and concentrating these two main ingredients in tea and adding active auxiliary ingredients.

The purified and activated antioxidant molecules in green tea skin care products have dozens to dozens of times higher protection and repair ability than vitamin C and vitamin E, which can effectively replace the damage to the skin caused by the environment.

In addition, in addition to the above-mentioned beauty effects, green tea itself also has gentle cleaning, anti-fire, anti-inflammatory effects.

The men’s green tea aftershave lotion introduced by Shiseido in Japan exactly uses these effects of green tea, while preventing men’s minor wounds from shaving from infecting, at the same time toning, skin care, and anti-inflammatory cleansing effect.

According to consumers, Revlon’s green tea products in the United States use the cleansing function of green tea itself, no longer add saponin, and are soft, refreshing, fresh and natural when used.

  At the same time, the formation of natural skin care and healthy beauty concepts by consumer groups has also had a huge impact on the trend of green tea skin care.

The tea series of skin care products came into being under the fast-paced life of the modern city, which meets the skin care needs of consumers who do not have time to return to nature often in a busy life, and pull out to beauty salons to enjoy professional skin care and spa treatments.

Created the opportunity for consumers to have close contact with nature at home and meet the needs of consumers to fully restoring their skin, which is why the tea series skin care products are selling well.

  The ancient poetry “because a beautiful woman looks like a good old woman” shows that there are inextricable connections between “good people” and “good old people” since ancient times.

Compared with western women of the same age, Chinese women always look younger.

It turns out that one of the reasons is that we know how to restore the health of green tea.

In urban life, automobile exhaust, air-conditioning pollution, second-hand smoke, and computer radiation can seriously damage the skin, accelerate skin aging, make the skin dull and yellow, and lack elasticity.

No time for a sip of tea?

It is better to let our skin do the work for you, and enjoy green tea every day.

  Modern scientific research has proved that green tea is expected to have beauty and beauty effects.

More and more consumers, especially female consumers, drink tea for the purpose of beauty.

With the advent of more and more green tea series skin care products, the green tea beauty industry has become a new fashion for modern women to pursue natural skin care and health beauty.

As the pace of life accelerates and the skin care market generally requires more and more natural products, tea skin care is bound to become more popular.

This completely provides new extra space for the development of the tea industry.