Make your baby smarter should do some exercise

Make your baby smarter should do some exercise

There is a popular saying in the American parenting world: Children who like bouncing sports will not only develop well, be healthy, but also improve their intelligence.

  The explanation of sports medical experts is that exercise can put the brain in the initial activation or relaxation state, and human imagination will be freed from the constraints of multiple thinking, become more agile, and thus more creative.

At the same time, exercise can promote the vitality of a variety of neurotransmitters in the brain, make the brain’s thinking response more active and agile, and improve the heart and brain function, speed up blood circulation, and enable the brain to enjoy more oxygen and nutrients to enhance intelligence.effect.

Compared to adults, the mystery of children’s rate of return is that children’s brains are in a developing state, and the role played by sports can be rewarded in value.

  First, bouncing is best. From the point of view of sports medicine, all aerobic exercises have fitness and brain function, especially bouncing.


Rope skipping and skipping of the lower limbs are mainly caused by the movements of the muscle groups of the arms, waist, and abdomen, which lead to deeper breathing, increased oxygen absorption, accelerated carbon dioxide excretion, and ropes to stimulate the acupoints of the thumb.Massage, stimulate the brain through the reflex area of the foot, thinking, memory, and association increase greatly.


Dancing Dancing exercises and improves the brain’s sensitivity and memory to external signals.

According to surveys, children who persist in learning dance have better grades in culture lessons.

  At the same time, bouncing exercise is a good exercise for the bones, muscles, lungs and blood circulation system, so that children grow taller, stronger and healthier.

In addition, this exercise is also beneficial to the lymphatic system, an important part of the human immune system.

This is of great value to enhance children’s resistance to many diseases, especially infectious diseases.

  Second, life and health are inseparable from the vibrational bouncing movement, which is mainly due to the vibration generated during the bouncing process.

Medical research shows that human life and health are inseparable from vibration.

Because the human body is made up of a series of vibration systems, such as the regular contraction of the stomach, the constant peristalsis of the intestine, the continuous pulsation of the heart, and the respiratory breathing of the lungs.

If children often do bouncing and combine this “exogenous” vibration with “endogenous” vibration, the benefits of fitness and brain health will be more prominent.

  Third, a smart baby expert jumped out: The bounce training for children should be determined according to the development of the child’s age and athletic ability.


At about 10 months, the baby starts to try to expand. At this time, the parents can help the child to shrink and hold the coaxial sockets on both sides. The child will use his feet to jump frequently.


After 1 and a half years old, you can put a cushion on the bed or on the smooth floor, and let the child stand on the cushion and jump down.


After 2 years of age, the child’s athletic ability is significantly enhanced, and he can do a “rabbit jump game”, that is, the parents demonstrate the movement of the two feet in front of the child, and the child imitates the forward jump;, That’s the jump.


After 3 years of age, the child is able to perform various bouncing activities independently, and the pattern can be increased. In addition to the rope skipping and dancing mentioned above, there are also shuttlecocks, rubber bands, diving and so on.

Parents can encourage him to choose one or more types of cross-practice based on his preference, and 10 minutes at a time is enough.

  Fourth, extra worry Some parents worry that jumping too much will damage the child’s brain. In fact, this worry is a bit redundant.

  When a person bounces, although they are subject to a large external force, and this impact does have a tendency to be transmitted from the lower limbs to the brain, the precise structure of the human bones and joints is like installing a cushioning device in the bodyThese devices can fully add this impact to the invisible, to ensure that the brain is safe and sound.

  Therefore, jumping will lead to fitness and brain function.

In addition, some safety precautions are of course necessary. Parents do not prevent standing by to pay attention to their children to avoid accidents.