Even the craziest people don’t dare to think like that?

They cheered and looked at Hu Lai, who proudly displayed his name and jersey number,A little bit jealous。
Jump up in the middle of Hulai,And when there were no Guren players around to defend,Chen Jianyu couldn’t help but clenched his fist。
While Hu Lai smashed the football into the goal with his head,His fist was also thrown out。
In the media gallery,There are quite a few reporters who have the same actions as him,Most of them are local media reporters in Andong Province。
Chen Jianyu knows,The rising momentum of this new star is definitely not something that can be stopped by man.。
All he can do is to be a witness and recorder of history。
At the same time in my heart,Good luck to Hu Lai。
Scored twice in Hulai,Rewrite the score as3:0after that,This game lost all suspense。
Youjiang Honglian suddenly lost his fighting spirit,After all, they are not strong,How else would it be reduced to the point of relegation?
Zhao Kangming successively used up two substitutions,Rotate the lineup,Let more players get the chance to play,On hold。After all, the relegation has just begun,There are more than a dozen league rounds,It is absolutely impossible for him to play all the remaining games with the current starting lineup。
This game has entered garbage time。
The Flash Star fans in the stands are in a good mood,There was even a wave of people——If it wasn’t for the fans to be in a good mood,Would never do it。
Hu Lai did not continue to score for the rest of the game,But from time to time the match broadcasts will give him close-up shots,Obviously consider him an important player。
In the past, only star players were treated like this。
And now Hu Lai also has。
This makes Hu Lai’s mother Xie Lan very happy in front of the TV,She can look at her son better in this way。
Ok,He is much darker than before,At the same time it looks a little taller,The muscle lines on the legs also become obvious。