Previously, Wang was appreciated by Wu Kung’s Kung Fu roots.,He also said that he does not repair Wude,I’m already in my heart.,At this time, I will not look at the devastation of Wangfu.。

When the king is a shot,I also alarmed the Taoist who wedned by Wangfu.,Notice that he is moving,Chu deer people flash,It is blocked in front of him and Bengzimen.!
Such a handicap,I have already shocked the beams.,And the priest is not awkward,But also lifting a few points,Extinguish the meaning of sneak attack……
The other side of the king swings,In the middle of the person, the man is hidden.,Although it is pulled,But I also blocked the Tempse of the people in the spirit.。
One has been pulling the youth,And played a hand:“The teacher is strong,I want to come in Tempse,Not nameless,Why bother with a small generation?”
at the same time,That Wangfu Taoist also found the 唢 楚,So I did a hand,A gift from Chu Deirers and Wang:“You think is that it is red and white.?I don’t know if this Taoist friend is the Qihuang people in the Qi Qi.、Still Wang Zhen?”
This is the importance of characteristics……
Namelessness,Before the death of the temple,In fact, the Chu Deirers are not more famous than the king.,only……Qiqi seven,Too many people have a combination,Chu Deirers are convenient to identify!
Wang Wai Wen Wen,Nothing,Left foot takes a step,It seems that it will be retracted after gently,On the floor of the bluestone,Already left a clear shoe print。
All true seven,The king is inferior to the hun,Teacher and brothers Mori have a few years in the past few years.,In recent years, Ma Yun is getting higher.,I am afraid of being inferior。
The king is called by the rivers and lakes“Iron feet fairy”,Not saying that he is longer than playing,Tangmen master likes to dress up with a high person,A fight is not good enough to pick up the robe.,Even if it is not all like a happy beauty,But who doesn’t care about the style?Not anyone has Wudang Yu Lianzhou so can open!
This“Iron foot”,Refers to his lower work。
Has been on the deep valley,Whistling,Single foot is standing above the rock column,Weizheng Shandong Hebei Wulin……
Legend has it, even the cliff straight straight,The king can go to step by step.!
It is precisely because of the low work,When the king is playing,Can be more stronger,What is afraid of internal strength?、Broken bones are slightly better,When he cuts it, he is dying.,Nothing。
At this time, he sees him to play.,Everyone will not know their identity.?
“It turned out to be a truth,Disrespect!”This person said,I shake my own dust,Hitch behind the elbow。
Chu Deirers see this,This is only a white silk.,The inside is gold、Silver silk,Bright,Obviously true gold and silver!
Chu Deiren,More in the knight list,This person has never been in the chivalrous list,Chu Deirens did not recognize what,However, the king is in the face, the cold:“It turned out to be a jade realist……I don’t know now it is called.‘Fellow’,Still respecting‘Attendant’?” The jade real child heard a lag:“Ah,Treatment of iron swordsman,Wang Zhen may be because of my people who are not instrument,What misunderstood。”
Chu Deirers have recently traveled more than Wuyue Sword,Hear“Jade”Big name,First thought,Taishan School——Jade、Jade tone,This is the Shu Shi Master, the teacher of the Taishan Tiande.,Before Huashan,The jade scorpion is still mixed with the people of Lushan.,Just Biru Lianrong。
Until I heard“Iron sword”,Chu deer reacts,This is the brother of Iron Jianmen Mulberry.——The anti-framed force in the blood sword……
Indeed iron sword and Taishan School,Some associations,The mountain gate of Iron Sword is also in Taishan.,Just in other peaks,And the palm of Taishan,It is also a slap,This is the rule of the ancestors——See the iron sword,See Dong Ling。
Iron sword door,Also a slap,This is not coincidence,But the two are two martial arts from a teaching door.。
The whole trial is a martial arts that belongs to all true education.,And Iron Sword、Taishan School,All the martial arts of Taishan Road,As a tutorial faction,Jade and his teacher and his teacher,I really want to have a difference,Also true and the jade scorpion of Taishan、Yuxin sentiment。
But the martial art,Teaching door,Both factions are not integrated,Although the mountain gate is in Taishan,However, the iron sword door is almost disconnected.,Murao people and Mu people are like a variety of love,No apprentice,Yu Zhenzi……It is also the people who spit in Doumen.“traitor”。
Jade realist is not only greedy, not only,Greedy power without bottom line,And because of the dispute between the head,Finally, Dishuang made a head.,It is actually under,I went to Tubo to learn a lot of Tong、Tibetan evil work。
Muhua Dao people have the opportunity to clean up the portal in the early years.,Because of the feelings of the temple,And Master’s income,Not killer,And now,But also admitted to each other,Extend it from the thunderous thing。
Therefore, the king is very obvious.……
And Chu Deirers were more surprised by,The jade realist actually voted Pingxi King?It should be said that Wu Sangui is to force,Still the Qing court?This should be in the original generation,The martial arts limit of the enrolled in the whole company?
Creed with Chu Deirers thought of the first master of the Qing court——Worship。
Indeed in the sex of worship,When he is still in charge,I am afraid that the Han master is not too high in the Qing court.,This is probably the main reason for restricting the quality of the Qing court.。
Like jade,Although the character is poor、greedy,But what is always greedy?,In the original, it is the back of the emperor.“Protagonist”,Location of a common dog,He can’t see。
“Humph!Who is your Master??I am all true,I also made a scubile.?”The king is ignored to Yu Zhenzi,Instead, Teaching Wu Kang。