At the same time,Terrestrial human virtual transformation,Couldn’t play others,Actually, you can’t move.!

Is this going to fight the enemy from the spiritual level??Ok,His deep sea king admitted,His eyes today,It is really awkward
I can’t catch up with my clothes.,Sonykes also become faster,Shenhai Wang can continue to spend a spear,Previously“Snowfall group”。
But when he looked at the person who turned into a place,Where there is still their figure。
As early as the battle,I blow the snow and drag the injured body,use“superpower”I barely left with the injured.。
But because“Snowfall group”Too many injured people,And the blowing of the snow is quite bad.,So they didn’t get out more。
Because of the relationship between rain,“Deep sea king”Become stronger,The sense of smell is also stronger.,It is easy to in the air,Smell the taste of his life。
I know that after the blowing of the snow is left behind.,The deep sea king is chasing the face
His favorite“Cat and mouse”Game。 “Snow adult,There is a shelter there,Where can we hide?。”
So-called“Shelter”,Be targeted“wack”Construction built,Use“wack”Journey,Surrounded by ordinary people。
Building structure and materials for this building,It is often the most robust,So withstand pressure is extremely powerful。
“Snowfall group”When you enter the shelter,A large group of people who are very black and crushing,Even a few“hero”。
“sLevel hero”Defeat,Let the people stay here,People。
Blowing snow“Popular hero”one,After entering the shelter,Residents around also have come to ask,The geeks were defeated.。
Here,Blowing snow can only silence,When she left,Sonic is suppressed“Deep sea king”of。
But now how is the situation?,She is not known。
Just when the scene has been suppressed,Above the shelter,Suddenly the distance from the distance,Then there is a collapse。
Deep sea king fish face,Through the hole, I saw this actually gathered so many human beings.,A face satisfaction。
“The geeks are actually chasing here.!”
“The fisherman’s monster actually came here.,In other than that person is also defeated??”
Blowing is also a face,The shelter at this time,More than not becoming their safe,Instead, they have become the 瓮 中 鳖。
But here is ordinary people,They have to stand out to stop this geeks。
But with the different originals,Because“Snowfall group”In advance“Hero association”Make a help。
This time“Funds”Jenos,It’s more step by step.。
“YessLevel hero!We have to save!”
“Is the devil transformation,He must defeat the geeks。”
Jenos’s arrival,Giving everyone,I have injected a strong agent。
After all, it is“sLevel hero”,So the people present,Confidence is quite enough。
Only blowing snow or a face,Because of the relationship between the night,Blowing snow is a lot of awareness of Jenos.。
Her estimate,Jenos is not necessarily“Deep sea king”Opponent。
after all“Deep sea king”Already losed two“sclass”Level master。
The same is true.,If it is raining“Deep sea king”,Jenos is estimated to win。
But rainy weather“Deep sea king”,The strength has been completely arrived.“Ghost-level peak”。
And because of the relationship between rain,His recovery and self-healing,Also greatly enhanced a lot。
Jenos’s“Henamen”Bombard in the deep sea,Just only burns the skin。