Tempting lip-shaped to see the future of him

Tempting “lip-shaped” to see the future of him

Suppose now that medical progress has progressed to the point where cutting with a knife will not hurt, which type do you most want to shape your mouth into?
  看起来很可口的樱桃小唇  茱莉亚罗勃兹的大唇  看起来薄一点的美女唇  看起来厚一点的性感唇  上下唇型不一样厚度的变化唇  看起来很可口的樱桃小唇  你很Pay attention to your feelings, and often you will immediately know that you like him or hate him the first time you see a man. Your dream lover should be a thoughtful man who can often detect your anger and sadness.Some talent, it’s even more pleasing to you!
  茱莉亚罗勃兹的大唇  你的个性比较开朗,梦中情人绝对也要有着阳光般的个性,如果还能有让女性感到很有安全感的肌肉,你就会又在心底为他加For those who look like white and tender sissy men, you are not favored by you.
  看起来薄一点的美女唇  你是一个理性大于感情的女孩子,白马王子、梦中情人之类的名词根本不存在你的字典中,因此,外表的好坏并不会影响你的决定,你The most important thing is the personality and heart of the other party.
  看起来厚一点的性感唇  你是一个有点儿爱哭的女孩子,常会被电视情节弄得梨花带泪,这样的你很爱幻想,希望自己过着如公主般的生活,外表不佳的男性It can’t be seen by you, the lover in your dream is really “Idol”!