Precautions for night newborn baby care

Precautions for night newborn baby care

The experience of nursing newborn babies at night except that the baby is sleeping most of the time except for feeding. Although the baby sleeps for a long time, because the baby’s physiological clock has not been adjusted, the number of waking up at night is quite large.

Inexperienced young parents are often tired and tired from the babies crying.

  In fact, if you can reasonably arrange the necessities for baby care at night in a reasonable and reasonable manner in advance, when your baby wakes up at night due to certain needs, you can act calmly and meet or deal with it at a speed.

This can not only ensure the baby’s good sleep quality, but also reduce the appearance of panda eyes by novice parents.

  A novice dad showed off his nocturnal nursing experience, and while dancing, he gestured: “Left-handed bottle, right-handed diaper .” His dexterity gave me inspiration, sorted out the precautions for night-time care for newborn babies,All newbie parents.

  Baby problems that may occur at night: 1. Sleep, thirst 2. Hold urine, place diapers 3, indoors are too cold or hot, clothes are uncomfortable 4, bitten by mosquitoes 5, sleep posture is not good, causing limb pain, numbness, breathingDifficulty 6. Adjusting the sleeping environment of the baby with sudden illness. To ensure that the child sleeps comfortably, first adjust the indoor temperature and environment. The following is the advice given by the pediatrician: Windows: Open the window before bed to ventilate, and put the window when you fall asleepLock it up.

If you open a window at night, try not to let your child sleep in the air vent.

  Crib: Do not place the crib under the window or under the air conditioning vent.

  Pajamas and bedding: Avoid babies sleeping naked and protect your baby’s belly.

When the weather is cool, you can let your baby wear breathable long-sleeved clothes and trousers; in hot weather, you can use a thin sheet to wrap your baby’s belly.

  Air conditioner: The wind is not facing the bed, and the air conditioner should be adjusted to the natural and breeze state when sleeping.

  List of Necessities at Your Fingertips Now, let’s get together to prepare your baby’s night necessities and place them at your fingertips so that the armor can be retrieved in time when needed.

  1. The most common reasons for babies to wake up at night are obesity and thirst. Once breast milk or milk is eaten in time, the baby who is waiting for nursing will stop crying immediately.

  The experience of nursing newborn babies at night. It is easier to talk about the replacement of breast milk. The mother only needs to wipe with a clean towel prepared before breastfeeding.

  1. Baby drinking formula milk: Need to prepare a sterilized bottle 1?
2; hot and cold pure water (warm water adjusted to make milk), milk powder.

These things should be far away from the bedside table, bedside lights, and cribs, so as to prevent you from drowsy when you splash the hot water, hurt or scare your child.

  Whether it is breastfeeding or eating formula, after drinking the milk, you must feed your baby two sips of water with a water bottle, otherwise the residual milk in the mouth is not hygienic!

So the water bottle is also one of the essential items before bed.

  Smart daddy ‘s breastfeeding equipment: If your mother is overly tired during the day, you can also do it at night.

Squeeze the milk with a breast pump before going to bed and put it in the refrigerator. Take it out and warm it when needed.

  2. Newborns in diapers / beddings do not know how to urinate actively, especially when they are re-used at night. If they are not handled in time, the delicate buttocks can easily cause skin diseases such as urinary eczema.

Undoubtedly, diapers are the most commonly used items for baby care at night.

  Whether you choose diapers, diapers, or diapers for your baby, keep them clean and sterile, keep them in sufficient quantities and place them within reach, such as under your pillow or under the crib.

Of course, it is enough for the baby to change the diapers after the bed wetting. The wet bedding also needs to be changed, so two sets of beds should be prepared on the bedside bed before going to bed.

  3, clothing too late to change diapers or breastfeeding, spitting, and many other conditions may contaminate your baby’s clothing.

It is necessary to prepare two pieces of clean and comfortable underwear and put them in the bedside table.

  4, after the baby is born a few weeks, it will show a strong attachment to something that can bring comfort, such as a pacifier, a toy or your thumb.

Children can calm down quickly when playing with them, so parents can choose one of the baby’s favorite things and place it easily.

If your baby wakes up in the middle of the night and is still unwilling to fall asleep after the requirements are met, you can reset it to soothe your child’s excitement.

Music wind chimes and prenatal education music can also achieve the same purpose.

  5, dry / wet paper towels to clean up urine, feeding, water is indispensable for paper towels.

They are best placed near the switch of the bedroom light. In this way, you can touch the paper towels even in the dark, which will not let the light wake up the baby, nor will it rid you of drowsiness due to tedious actions.

  6, commonly used medicines and thermometers Parents in the world do not want their baby to be sick, but basic temperature measuring instruments and commonly used medicines should still be placed in the bedroom’s small drawer for emergency needs.

  Note: Sometimes the cause of your baby’s restless sleep is due to improper indoors.

If the baby is not breastfeeding and still refuses to fall asleep without urine, look up at the thermometer. If the room temperature is too high or too low, adjust it accordingly to solve the problem.

  The above are the most common types of items when caring for your baby at night. You can also add other items according to the focus of your baby’s day care.

But the principles are the same, namely-clean and sterile, proper location, easy access.
If there is a table in your baby’s bedroom with waists that can be moved freely, it is more convenient to have a lot of small sliding cabinets.
Putting these commonly used items at night in the corresponding grid is even more handy to use.