[How to make delicious ginger ginger]_How to make _ How to make

[How to make delicious ginger ginger]_How to make _ How to make

The main method of this kind of medicinal material in Sichuan is marinating. Pickled ginger has no medicinal value, and it is very good for preserving ginger.

The method of making ginger is very simple. Just put the ginger with boiling water and salt in a sealed jar and keep it for one month.

Eating ginger ginger in normal times can remove gastrointestinal bacteria and promote blood circulation, and can be eaten appropriately.

Ingredients for pickled ginger: ginger (sub-ginger), 500 grams, boiled water, 2500 grams of pickled salt, 250 grams of ginger.

Wash the ginger.


 Add the kimchi salt after boiling in the water.


Cut off the ginger ginger.


Put the brine and ginger in the pickle jar.

Cooking tips 1.

The pickle brine covered ginger.


Add more salt so the kimchi will be cooked again.


It takes about a week to eat.

Pickled Ginger Ginger-Appetizer, 500g Ginger Ginger, 250g white vinegar, 250g rock sugar, 2 tsp salt (5ml × 2), 1 wolfberry (can be saved) Practice 1, Ginger Ginger is cleaned, no peel.

2. Cut the ginger into thin slices.

3. Put the ginger slices into a bowl, marinate in salt for 20-30 minutes, and force the water out.

4. Put the white vinegar and rock sugar in the pot, boil the rock sugar over low heat, and set aside to cool for later use.

5. Squeeze out the water from the ginger, and squeeze as dry as possible.

6. Put the dried ginger in a clean glass bottle, then pour in the cool ice-cream vinegar juice, and marinate for one day. Tip 1. The amount of rock sugar and white vinegar is 1: 1.You can adjust it according to your own taste. The amount of white vinegar should not exceed that of ginger flakes. 2. White vinegar is the best alternative to brewing white vinegar, and the taste and nutrition will be better.Make a simple sterilization by scalding. 4. The pickled ginger must be removed with clean chopsticks each time it is consumed. Do not stain it with oil. Otherwise, it will deteriorate.