“Ok。Really should go see。Since i was born again,Haven’t taken a good look at the soul beasts of this era。I want to see what happened to them。”Zhao Ming stands with his hands,Indifferently。

quickly,Under the leadership of Titan, Azure and others,Zhao Ming and the four quickly reached the real core area of Star Dou,Lake of life。
This is an endless light blue lake,The lake is extremely clear but you can’t see the bottom of the lake at all,The depth of this lake can be seen。The surrounding air is also very fresh,Refreshing。
What shocked Zhao Ming even more was the Tianli Yuanli that was almost condensed into substance.,If you practice here,The cultivation speed can be at least doubled。
But after a while,Zhao Ming retracted his mind,Become a calm look again。
Now his identity is a powerful soul beast,Never show up like you have never seen the world。
Eyes on the lake,Suddenly seven or eight figures quickly came in front of Zhao Ming。They are all transformed into human forms at this time,But he can still feel the breath of the beast。
These are the super soul beasts in the core area of the Star Dou Great Forest。
“In the next emperor,Meet seniors。”Talking is a middle-aged man in a black robe,Handsome and determined,On the forehead,There is a strand of blond hair hanging down one side of the cheek。This is the Black Dragon King Di Tian,The strongest on the bright side of the Star Dou Great Forest。But at this time,He bends,Extremely respectful to Zhao Ming。
“Zi Ji,Meet seniors。”A coquettish voice came,Voice soft and charming,Demon,Suddenly attracted Zhao Ming’s attention。Zhao Ming look,That is a stunning woman with long purple and black hair。Woman looks very beautiful,But compared to beauty,More of a kind of monster。
“what?There are such beautiful people in the Star Dou Great Forest?Isn’t the Star Dou Forest only the most outstanding of Gu Yuena and Brigitte??Why is there such a person?She looks as beautiful as Brigitte。”
“This is the ninth hell dragon king Ziji among the ten largest beasts on the mainland。Of course his appearance is no less than Brigitte。But Brigitte is higher than Ziji in the ranking of fierce beasts。And Brigitte has a better temper,So of course it can be more favored by spirit beasts。But Zi Ji has always been called the number one beauty in Star Dou,And she’s not so sad。”System explained。
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Eight Zi Ji is mine too
“Oh。”Listen to the explanation of the system,Zhao Ming nodded。
It seems he can’t let go of this Zi Ji。
It’s not how horny he is。
But his current identity is the ancient phoenix,Soul Beast Supreme,And they are extremely lustful soul beasts。If he doesn’t show this habit,I am afraid that Gu Yuena, a soul beast who knows the existence of the ancient phoenix, will be suspicious。
Yes,Indeed it is。