Want to squeeze the value of the Tianlong people more,Hunger marketing is the only option。

Into the deep sea,Leo said to Green Bull:“I want to try to practice with super http://www.susongdanbao.cn large life essence,I’ll beg you later!”
Green Bull nodded。
He believes Leo won’t mess around,And Green Bull knows that Leo’s fruit ability is very strong。
as usual,Squeeze dry to maximize physical strength,Then Leo took out a super life essence。
Just open,Leo felt the pure breath of life。
Do not hesitate,Take one sip。
Just entered,Not yet in the belly,Leo felt that his body could not wait to absorb a life essence。
Next moment,A powerful force began to destroy everywhere in his body。
Can not be said to be destruction,But the body wants to absorb this http://www.nashistudio.cn power,And this force naturally has to resist。
So this is the result。
Waiting for the essence of life to be absorbed,If Leo himself is too weak,Then this kind of confrontation will directly kill Leo。
Even if Leo’s life level reaches the seventh stage,At this moment, the body is constantly surging blood。
Blood vessel ruptured,Broken organ,Leo’s blood flows out。
Not just snout,Even the pores are bleeding,And his abdominal cavity、The chest cavity has been bleeding heavily。
In order to absorb this powerful life essence,At the cost of its own various organs and tissues。
I don’t know how much blood Leo shed,Leo’s trembling body slowly stopped。
Leo is covered in blood,But Leo suddenly smiled。