“Spring!”Village exclaimed。

Water retaining sheath,The look of the spring is quite dissatisfied。
The expression of the program is a bit stunned.,Silently also surprised。
“Excuse me,I don’t think you can teach me.,Uncle Mu Village,let’s go,Those money is the compensation of the delegate adult time”
Spring is quite dissatisfied,I don’t have to learn what you have.,If you can’t see it。
But at this time,When a horrible momentum suddenly enveloped the spring,Still constantly strengthen。
“not good”A print in the hands of Quan。
The wall of the pub has been done。
“Spring!Adult,Spring is still a child,Don’t be angry”Wood Village rushed,Then I will http://www.taoforest.cn go out and see how the spring is.。
But he immediately stopped it.,“Do you still still don’t go up?”
“Cough”Spring is difficult to get up from the ruins,His mouth has also flowed out of a blood。
Do you practice hardening?,Cultivate the earth properties,Then quickly use a solid surgery,It is not as simple as it is hurt.。
Sudden body of the body,The horrible momentum is again shrouded him.。
“Ghost,who do you think You Are”
At this time, the pallet is completely different.,Standing in front of the spring, it is like a mountain.,Spring is not seen by the face of the oppressive hand.,I only feel that myself seems to stand an angry gold.。
The pressure of 湃 is constantly squeezing,Let him not say a word。
“hehe,Is this the strength of the top strong?”
The mouth of the sound of the mouth is exposed to a smile。
The palm of the hand looks at the blood of the mouth of the mouth.,But the smile of the mouth,Also let her have some accidents in front of this devil。
http://www.chaoke365.cn Spring is constantly breathing,Despite the powerful stress, he is constantly oppressed him.,He also wants to resist,Just like he usually cultivated。
Spring has never given up,Because he knows what it means。
I am crossing,But I am not proud,Because I don’t have pride capital,Some is just my efforts。
Jumping into the water again and again,Polaolar in the body,I didn’t say anything.,When it is cultivated,Spring is still jumping。
I am given up.。
The breathing of the spring has become typer,No longer considered whether your lungs can bear,Laozi is dead, will not let you look down on me.。
Chatcla originally pressed,Suddenly become surging。
Blood is also like the lungs of the spring。
“Breathe,I want to breathe free breath,No one can’t stop me”
Springs’ changing changing,Quantity increased http://www.ntddtl.cn sharply,The body of the spring seems to break through some kind of restriction.,Start autonomous cooperation with the springs,Constant Chakra。