How to pay attention to hygiene on wedding night

How to pay attention to hygiene on wedding night


Take a bath.

Before sexual intercourse, the newly-married couple should take a bath conditionally, wash the sweat from their bodies, and eliminate the smell of sweat, so as not to make the other person feel disgusted and disgusted when they share the same bed.

When taking a hot bath, pay special attention to cleaning the external reproductive organs to remove dirt from the penis, especially the dirt on the glans of the glans, the foreskin that is too long, and the dirt from the labia folds, etc., to avoid sexual intercourse., Bring these dirt into the vagina.

Bathing in warm water can also accelerate blood circulation and produce benign stimuli to the reproductive organs, which is good for sexual life.

If there is no condition to take a warm bath, a pot of warm water should also be used to clean the external reproductive organs.

When possible, both men and women can spray a little perfume on the body such as the chest, forehead, under the arm, etc. The perfume smell gives people a pleasant feeling and can also stimulate sexual desire.

However, when spraying perfume, do not spray it on the genitals to avoid causing inflammation of the reproductive organs.


Change underwear.

After bathing or scrubbing, change to clean underwear.


Brush your teeth and gargle.

It ‘s very important to brush your teeth and gargle before intercourse. The husband and wife share the same bed with their heads resting on their heads. When whispering, face to face, affectionate, and mouth to mouth when kissing.Reduce sexual desire.

Therefore, take a shower on your wedding night and wash your face after washing your face.


Place toilet paper or a clean towel under the bride’s hips and vaginal openings.

During the first sexual intercourse, the broken hymen will cause blood. During sexual intercourse, when the penis is twitched, the semen and secretions in the vagina may also be taken out. In order to not cover the sheets and peel off, you should use toilet paper or clean towels, cloths, etc.A thick little pad under the bride’s hips and vaginal opening.

Intercourse was suspended, and the mat was folded and removed.


Prepare toilet paper and clean towels.

After intercourse, it is used to wipe each other’s genitals. Cleaning after intercourse is more important.

After the sexual intercourse, when the groom pulls the penis out of the vagina, the bride can hold the toilet paper with both hands, and use one hand to cover the newly drawn penis, so that the mucus on the penis does not drip and mess; the other hand removes the toilet paper fromThe lower part of the vaginal opening covers the vaginal opening and prevents mucus in the vagina from flowing to the anus and chest. The groom can use toilet paper to help test the bride’s vulva.

This method of wiping each other is often a trivial matter, but it will be grateful to the other person. It must be an additional compensation for sex life. It is helpful for newly-married couples to improve their relationship. If the couple does not feel tired after intercourse, it is best to useWash your genitals with warm water.

The vagina has the function of self-cleaning and self-cleaning. Therefore, after intercourse, do not wash the vagina with water, and do not wipe the vagina with toilet paper or towels, so as not to damage the vaginal endometrium and destroy its defense function.