A-share Year of the Pig-Falling sounds-Falling curtain curtain electronic plate gains-the most fat-

A-share pig year “fall” came to a close The electronic plate rose “the 西安耍耍网 fattest”

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  Year of the A-share pig: stock selection is harder than asking your wife!

Working together in the year of the mouse to find . Qu Hongyan just now, the last trading day of the year of the pig ended in a “fall”, but most of the three major indexes still have good growth.

The Shanghai Index rose 13 ahead of schedule.

68%, SZSE Component Index rose 39.

01%, GEM Index rose 51.


  At the beginning of the Year of the Pig, the Shanghai Stock Index was only reported at 2,618 points. Since then, driven by factors such as northbound capital inflows, the Shanghai Index once rebounded to 3288 points.

  However, the mid-year Shanghai Composite Index 深圳丝袜会所 fell to a minimum of 2733 points.

Near the end of the year, the Shanghai Index rose again to 3000 points.

But unexpectedly, in the last week, the stock index fell sharply, and the Shanghai index fell below 3000 points.

  The Year of the Pig has been tested, but the three major index hubs are still moving up significantly.

At the close of the year of the pig, the Shanghai stock index closed at 2976.

53 points, up 13 in advance.

68%; SZSE Component Index closed at 10681.

At 9 o’clock, the year of the pig rose 39.

01%; GEM index closed at 1927.

At 74 points, the year of the pig rose 51.


  The performance of individual stocks is even more exciting.

  Statistics show that after excluding the new shares listed since 2019, nearly 700 stocks have increased by more than 50%, accounting for nearly 20%.

Among them, there are more than 200 stocks that have more than doubled. Chengmai Technology has become a ten-fold stock of the Year of the Pig. On Saturday, stocks such as Wanji Technology and Weir Shares rose more than five-fold.

  If it is expected, Shenwan’s 28 industries will receive red.

The electronic plate is definitely the fattest one in the Year of the Pig, with an average increase of 91.

89%; annual growth of the computer sector by 71.

07%; comprehensive, non-bank financial and pharmaceutical and biological sectors rose by more than 40%; the bottom of the increase was leisure services and steel sectors, up about 3%.

  However, even if the golden pig market is sparkling, if you do not choose the right stock, you will be in tears.

Statistics show that thousands of stocks closed down in the year of the pig, of which more than 37 stocks fell more than 50%. * ST Xinwei and delisting Huaye (rights) fell more than 80%.

  In the face of the turbulent structural market, people in the investment community joked that the biggest black swan in the Year of the Pig was “holding cash while the stock rose”.

Looking back, the average estimate of the food and beverage sector was only 23 times, that of the pharmaceutical sector was 26 times, and that of building materials was expected to be only 10 times. The initial level of over-pessimism was also suppressed.

  History always spirals in negative and positive factors.

  Huang Fusheng, the director of the Pacific Securities Research Institute, believes that we should not over-price mid-to-long-term downward trend factors, but we should be aware of the positive factors in the short-to-medium term, such as the steady and rising RMB exchange rate, and the continuous opening up of financial openness. CapitalThe dividends of market system reform, the improvement of corporate profits brought by the rebound of inventory cycle, and the decline in risk-free rate of return have brought about an increase in the price / performance ratio of equity markets.

  For investors, picking the right stock is still a top priority for the Year of the Rat.

Just as Li Xunlei, the chief economist of China-Thailand Asset Management, said that in the future, the A-share market will continue to have a structural market, that is, a small number of stock prices have room to rise, and most small and medium-sized market-cap stocks have no room to rise. This is actually not A-shares.In a special case, global stock markets are the same.