Peng Changyi said:“Not that time,When I went to the party school to study,I expected today,But I didn’t expect the ending to be far beyond my expectations,and so,Thanks again to Mayor Guan for your support。”

Guan Hao smiled,He never admitted or denied his role in the issue of Peng Changyi from beginning to end.,He bypassed this topic again,But to say:“Mayor Peng,I will be colleagues from now on,Can i make a request for you?”
“Of course,Please mention,I promise to execute。”Peng Changyi straightened up and said。
Guan Hao said with a smile:“I just said,We will be colleagues in the future,Work together every day,Don’t always be you、Yours,By age,How old are you older than me,Privately we are brothers,What do you say?”
Peng Changyi smiled embarrassedly,Said:“This one……Ha ha,I am used to it,after,Try to change it。”
Guan Hao said again:“You see what I need to do in life, just say。”
Peng Changyi said:“Nothing else,Kangzhou’s work was handed over long before the party school,I just have an old driver,Over fifty years old,We two are friends,He followed me in the north and south,Once suffered a knife for me,He has nothing to pursue,Been a driver for so many years,Never found anything for me,I am very relieved with him,We have a deep relationship,If you agree,I still want him to follow me,In this way we can come and go together,It’s really inconvenient to find a driver in Jin’an。”
Guan Hao thought for a while and said:“Ok,I will arrange。”
Peng Changyi said:“Thank you mayor。”
that’s it,After Peng Changyi completed all the organizational procedures in Jinan,He came back,Since he is still studying in the party school,Guan Hao said after he graduates and goes to work,Government team members re-division of labor,At that time, he will clarify his work area。
On the way back from Jinan,Peng Changyi received a call from Meng Ke,Meng Ke first congratulated him:“Changyi,congratulate,Congratulations on your promotion again!”
Peng Changyi deliberately said wrongly:“Dude,thank you,I haven’t concealed all of this from your brother,You should know how I got here,so,Don’t congratulate you,The more I congratulate me, the less it feels in my heart。”
Meng Ke says:“Why do you seem upset??I wanted you to come back from Jinan,Come to me,Let’s drink well,Congratulations,But if you don’t like this position,Then let’s change。”
Peng Changyi said:“Dear buddy,Don’t make fun of me,Ordinarily I want to thank the organization for trusting me,But it’s not like in my heart,Why not taste,I can’t tell。Some words,I don’t say that your man understands,So i beg you,Don’t mention congratulations。This also has to
Meng Ke laughed,Said:“Did you divide the work??”