7 Tips for Women’s Yoga

7 Tips for Women’s Yoga

First, aim at the straight line posture: thigh outline, head, calf, arm, waist.

  Practice rules: 1.

Sit down, straighten your legs forward, bend your feet, hold your body, palm forward, and pull your body into a straight line.


Work hard to raise the stairs while straightening your arms and placing your feet against the ground.

Try to reach the ceiling with your knees, feel your legs and hips are very tight, keep this posture, and breathe deeply.

  Special Shape: This action can effectively tighten the thigh muscles.

When doing this, you can imagine your body like a long, straight stick.

  Second, the arched position is targeted at the entire hip, hamstring, abdomen, and waist.

  Practice rules: 1.

Sitting on the floor with both legs straight.

Bend your right leg and tighten it towards your hips as much as possible, so that your right foot is stepped closer to the base of your left leg, and your body is slightly to the side.


With your right hand around your right knee, try to grab your left hand behind you. At this time, use the power of your abdomen and waist and breathe deeply.


Try to keep your body straight and not bent.

After holding for a while, change to the other side.

  Special shape: Turn your arms behind and let your hands be stretched, which is very good for training the pectoral muscles.

In this movement, pay special attention to the abdomen to be hard, not to relax.

  Third, the L-shaped posture is targeted at the site: abdomen, waist, hips, back.

  Practice rules: 1.

Lie flat on your back, arms straight, shoulder-level, palms down, legs straight up.


Keep your head, arms, and the upper half of your back without leaving the cushion, slowly raise your legs, and then try to turn your body to align for a longer time, then exhale slowly, lower your legs slowly, still letLie firmly on the mat.

When the breathing is steady, then practice backwards to another option.

  Auxiliary exercises: By practicing the following auxiliary exercises, you can reduce stress, breathe evenly, and establish a good rhythm for your body.

Can you practice yoga at the same time as you practice 3 times a week?
4 times, as a supplement, they can make your transformation burn and get transformed.

  Special molding: In the process, tighten your abdomen at any time, borrow a little and arm strength, and never deceive yourself.