Watching tam.Mourning’s hateful eyes,Carlos had to sigh。

Do not take a stand here,I’m afraid I will be with myself“Master”Opposing factions。
“Be careful,Then protect yourself。”
Carlos motioned to Tam with his eyes.Mourning beware of Ruby.Los,But Tam.Mourning sees it,indeed【Embers without fire】A red light flashed in the eyes of the dark helmet。
This is simply……This is simply Tyrael let Illidan act on his face!
“Loyalty does not exist,What’s the purpose。”
The ghost face beast is still waiting for Carlos to answer his question,Carlos has already slashed up with a huge sword。
then,The ghost face beast easily blocked Carlos’s attack with the long-handled warhammer in his hand。
Carlos let go of his weapon,The black sword and shield turned into smoke, wrapped around the body and reattached to the armor。
The ghost face beast will naturally not look at Carlos pretending,Fight again,Is already a heavy hammer。
Ruby.Lowe didn’t know what the black human figure in front of him wanted to do,But I can’t see him die,Can only be turned on【Fast】Rushed forward to block the attack of the ghost face beast for Carlos。
But Ruby.Loth is too far behind the ghost face beast in power,After a stalemate, the ghost face beast brute force swept away。
“what are you doing?”