Even left small fish165High score,I can’t hide the people’s love for him.。

“what……Have http://www.21drink.cn me,I have been admitted.,Have my name!”
A teenager wearing a wander is excited,Red ear,Into even。
He is the teenager named Wu Jiki。
Left small fish also surprises,The exquisite pretty face is like a flower,Glamorous。
She also grabbed the summer sleeve,“Wang Wei,Did you hear it,Me165integral,exceeded‘inflammation’,There is also you,You actually exceeded him,I really didn’t miss you.。”
Summer is also happy,Rushing her thumbs up,“Still you are。”
Royal Greatway,The landlord and group minister are also happy。
Although I didn’t have a cheer,But can’t help but drive。
but,High score compared to left fish,Their eyes are still betting on that teenager。
They are all clear,Resulting in a great victory,It’s entirely of this boy’s credit。
the most important is,They all saw his super potential。
After the field,He is behind others,But still chase。
And it’s the second half,He slowed down the monster speed。
In other words,If he is willing,More to kill more,Even more than left fish is not doing。
But he didn’t do that。
Now his grades are149integral。
Just than the first place‘inflammation’More points。
Master is a master,Old fox,Very clear, this means。
Double insurance!
In case, there is no surprise.‘inflammation’Words,Then he is another insurance。
“It’s really a material.。”Peach
The country is great,“Know,Understand,well considered,I want to renew him.!”
Middle-aged prince,That is, the father of the left little fish,A little bit,“Is the reward,Nice seedlings。”
Not exaggerated,Summer this battle,Almost conquer all the people of the emperors。
Really famous,Unshum。
He returned to the way of Xiaocheng Guanleai,A lot of encounters‘enthusiasm’Man,It’s comparable to fanatic fans on the earth.。
http://www.yxwed.cn When he just came to the Xiaocheng area,Immediately by Gu Ming and Wan Yuan Kai。
These two teenagers are excited and excited.,The first time I showed a small year.。
The big man in Zhou Shan and Xiaojing City is also the case.,Everyone looks to the eyes of summer,They are full of appreciation and admire。
“Walk,We don’t look at it.。”
finally,Zhou Shan’s big hand,“Back to the museum to drink,Give Wang Yu to celebrate。”
Technicians such as iron bear have grinned and attached。
“You can celebrate first.。”The eighth army group sealing the east with a smile,“After waiting for these two games, then then,After all, Your Majesty and the royal family have not taken it.,If we are not going well now。”